very lasts

Dear Readers,

This is my very last post on this blog. The next post will be on our new website, which Jascha will launch in early November, once we get over our perfectionism.

courtesy of XKCD

courtesy of XKCD

Those of you who subscribe to this blog will be automatically added to our mailing list, which will send you an email when there’s a blog post on the new website. If you would like to be on the mailing list, which basically means getting pretty flower pictures in your inbox sometimes, email me at!


This is also our last week of sales! It’s slim pickings (literally) at the farm. Next year, we’ll extend the season into November by planting more late season flowers, such as mums and dahlias. But from now until December, we’re in clean-up mode– pulling out spent plants, spreading compost and rye seed as a winter cover crop, cleaning out the shed, and taking inventory.

fall field

We’re also planning away for next year! We have two very exciting CSA offerings for next year: the Butterbee CSA, which is our bulk flower delivery for those who love to arrange their own flowers, and the Summer’s Story CSA:

Summers Story CSA front_small

Summers Story CSA back_small

I’m so excited about both CSA programs– the more people I get to meet/talk to/get flowers to, the better! You can get on an advance sign-up list for either CSA by emailing me at You can sign up online starting in November, and please remember that giving a CSA as a Christmas present is the best thing EVER! We even have little gift cards to give your gift recipient.


So, you’ll get the next blog update from the new website soon, stay tuned! I wish you all a very merry rainy cozy yellow orange day.


Laura Beth


One thought on “very lasts

  1. Beautiful, Laura! Great season! Wish I lived in Baltimore. ❤ Do you take all those gorgeous photos? Can't wait for the ongoing saga of the new blogsite. ❤

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