Party Town

Dear Readers,

Apparently, flower farmers get the inside scoop on parties and celebrations in Baltimore. I’ve never had so much random knowledge about what celebration is happening where! For example, this weekend, we are providing some of the flowers for Little Gunpowder Farm’s owners, Christy and Connor, who are getting married on Saturday. And on Sunday, we’re donating flowers for the Maryland Farmers Market Association fundraising event.

2014-09-26 07.43.55

We also brought flowers to some Baltimoreans who were hosting Rosh Hashanah dinners. Check out this beautiful arrangement of our flowers, by Ellen Spokes, who had a tablecloth that matched perfectly:

rosh hashanah

Last week, we provided bulk flowers to a couple for their wedding ceremony. They day before the wedding, we got a call from Artifact Coffee for some extra flowers. Turns out, Artifact needed the flowers for that same couple’s rehearsal dinner! Typical “Smalltimore.”

2014-09-23 10.52.53

There are many things to love about growing flowers, but one of the most delightful of those things is bringing flowers to people who are celebrating. Sometimes, I get so caught up in the work of the business that I forget to partake in that joyfulness. Then I remember designer/florist Ellen Frost, who cries at pretty much every wedding flower set-up she’s at- and that’s a lot of weddings.

2014-09-20 10.03.47

Anyway, here’s to participating in the celebrations of others, and passing it forward! I wish you all a lavender-mint-honey tea.

Laura Beth


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