Dear Readers,

One by one, we’re putting beds to sleep for the winter. September means a whole lot of pulling out plants, mowing what’s left, tilling that in, putting compost on top of it, and finally, spreading cover crop seed. Not my favorite job on the farm, but it’s made easier with company (thanks, Jascha!).

We’re still cranking out flowers, though. Yesterday was our last CSA delivery. I’m sad that it’s over… but you can get a sneak peak of our 2015 CSA here!

2014-09-15 13.22.25-2

It’s wedding season, and my, are the florists busy! Crimson and Clover has been ordering cosmos flowers from us most weeks; Mobtown Florals is into our broom corn; the Modest Florist came out to the farm for a last minute mountain mint and basil pick-up yesterday; and Local Color Flowers was in a pinch last week, so I got to jump in and help make some bridal bouquets, which featured some of our flowers!

2014-09-02 10.28.58

On the farm, the dahlias are starting to bloom, the mums are budding up, and the ruby silk grass is going crazy:

2014-09-08 15.09.05

And the praying mantises are really, really big. Did you know that they can kill small birds!? (Watch out, Irene Donnelly)…

2014-09-09 09.33.02

I wish you all a trip to the Waverly farmers market, where you will find a bounty of autumn flowers and food!

Laura Beth


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