digger wasps to the rescue

Dear Readers,

We have wasps soaring all over the ground, hanging out in the dill, and wreaking general havoc. The good news: they are the best wasps ever! They’re called blue-winged wasps, commonly known as one of the many kinds of digger wasps. The female wasps dig deep into the ground, locate Japanese beetles (very very very bad beetles that considered our flowers to be very tasty this summer), and I’ll let Wikipedia take it from here: “The wasp stings the grub and frequently burrows farther down to construct a cell and lay an egg on the host. The larva pupates and overwinters inside the body of the host.”

2014-08-23 08.05.34 2014-08-23 08.05.53 2014-08-23 08.06.33

Blue-winged wasps to the rescue! Also, check out this celosia gorgeousness:

photo 2

I wish you all the first apple of the season!

Laura Beth



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