August Happenings

Dear Readers,

August at the farm!

There are two new ways you can get our flowers!

1) In celebration of the Jewish New Year, Butterbee Farm is offering a Rosh Hashanah special to those who are hosting dinners. We will bring enough loose flowers for three bouquets (about 40 stems). We will deliver your flowers directly to your door on the day before Rosh Hashanah, the 23rrd, or the morning of Rosh Hashanah, September 24th. Flowers, including delivery, are $35. Space is limited, so be sure to reserve your flowers soon by emailing us at Please pass the info along to any friends who are celebrating!

2) You can have a photoshoot (family, engagement, etc.) with our resident photographer, Stacy Bauer, at the farm! Email us ( for more info.

headwreath table

photo courtesy of Stacy Bauer

Anyway, about the farm… we are scrambling to keep up with the weeds, especially morning glory. We’re also tilling in the spring beds, adding compost, and planting fall flowers like Benary’s Giant Lime zinnias and Versailles Cosmos, which are both pictured below:

2014-08-19 10.01.32

And here’s the compost we’re using (from Chesapeake Compost Works), with the lovely Naomi standing triumphantly on top:

2014-08-14 14.36.03I recently discovered that saving calendula seed is very easy. We accidentally left a small patch of calendula until it withered and turned entirely brown. I’m glad we did, because check out all of the seeds you can get from just one dried head of calendula (the fresh version of calendula, before it has gone to seed, is pictured next to the seeds)…

2014-08-17 09.21.23

We get unreasonably excited when we see frogs in the field, which happens every single day! The one we found in the zinnia patch is a southern leopard frog:

2014-08-06 14.54.49

We’re harvesting pretty much all the time now… one of our most popular flowers at the moment is daucus, or wild carrot, pictured below. It’s in the parsley family (Umbelliferae) along with parsnips, Queen Anne’s lace, and carrots. It has the same phytophotodermatitis effect as the parsnips, as I experienced last season, so I am careful to wear long sleeves when harvesting it!

2014-08-14 06.42.22

Fitting the flowers into the Toyota Avalon is always a challenge…

2014-08-19 11.04.04-2

So these days, we use the pickup truck to do our deliveries.

I wish you all bombastic bouquet of brilliant Benary’s Giant Zinnias!

Laura Beth


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