restaurant hop for butterbee basil

Dear Readers,

We have a lot of basil.basil

And by that I mean a lot of basil– more than we can sell to our florists by a long shot. So, for the last few weeks I’ve been doing some fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants marketing:

Step 1: Google “local food restaurant Baltimore”

Step 2: Call all of them

Surprisingly, this method occasionally works. We’re now delivering basil to all of the Woodberry Kitchen enterprises (Shoefly, Parts and Labor, Artifact, and Woodberry Kitchen), and to Carma’s Cafe, our neighborhood favorite! More restaurants may be hopping on the Butterbee basil train soon. I’m pretty excited about it– basil is fun to harvest, as it smells DELICIOUS.

Unrelated: The headwreath-making class at the farm next Saturday will be awesome, sign up NOW!

chalkboard sign

I wish you all a pesto pasta, pizza, or panini.

Laura Beth

*special thanks to Ellen Frost, who quickly resolved our lemon basil crisis– just FYI, growers, lemon basil needs up to 24 hours to hydrate!


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