beautiful princess fairy land

Dear Readers,

Help! We are being bombarded by Japanese beetle. They are eating lots of things– statice, sunflowers, rudbeckia, celosia, even our weeds! Japanese beetles are weird, stubborn bugs: they need to be warm to fly, so they just sit all over the farm in the morning. We go around with buckets of water and bleach, and knock the beetles from their perches into the water. I feel like we’ve disposed of hundreds of them, but still more fly around in a delirious fuss all afternoon. Did you know they can fly as far as 5 miles in one day? Although it’s oddly satisfying to flick the beetles to their watery doom, it’s getting old. Does anyone know if/when they are planning to leave us alone?

Luckily, the beetles don’t eat everything. We are very busy handing out flowers left and right! Although it’s hot and sticky  even early in the morning, harvest is always a joy. Just walking up to the farm, I can smell the clear freshness of flowers, and diving in among the foliage, I am constantly amazed by the vividness of colors. My favorite flower right now is Colorado yarrow, which reminds me of a beautiful princess fairyland (and consequently, my sister):

photo 3

We just discovered TODAY our first bicolor carnation EVER. They smell delicious:


photo 4

Butterbee Farm CSA members got the incredible dangly, droopy cerinthe (left in the below picture) this week:


photo 2

And guess what, we found a monarch butterfly on our milkweed right when it bloomed for the first time! Monarchs have chemoreceptors (nerve cells that react to different chemicals) that help them find milkweed. Amazing. If only they ate Japanese beetle…


photo 5

I wish you all a princess bouquet!

Laura Beth



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