Dear Readers,

This week was busy with deliveries to Locoflo, Mobtown, Modest Florist, and Artifact Coffee. See below: dill, baby’s breath, salvia, yarrow, cerinthe, dianthus, atriplex…


Team Butterbee is definitely pooped. In fact, as I write these very words…


But, tomorrow, is Sunday, my day off! Every Sunday, I visit the farm briefly just to water the seedlings. I unlock the shed, take a heavy wrench off of its hook, walk down the gravel driveway to the fire hydrant, and open the top valve. Then I walk back up and give the seedlings a good drench. I leave the irrigation on for a bit, so that the plants can have a drink on a hot, sunny Sunday. That gives me a bit of time to wander…..

Usually I pick a bouquet of my favorite things.


Or I deadhead some flowers. It’s important to remove blossoms that I’m not selling, so that the plants flower more. I collect certain flowers that I deadhead, like calendula, which is an edible flower and an important herb for burns and wounds. I’ll make salve with it once I get some beeswax from the hives.


And, on Sundays, I like to enjoy the view. It’s useful to spend a little time at the farm without doing much work… there is real magic in the honeybees buzzing about the chamomile, and the sunflowers following the sun, and the sweet mulberries from a tree by the road…


Speaking of spending time at the farm, I’ll be teaching a class on edible flowers and herbs on Saturday, July 12 at the farm! Email me at to register. You’ll take flowers home with you!

I wish you all a relaxing Sunday and a bouquet of roadside wildflowers.

Laura Beth


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