mint limeade + summer dresses = locoflo

Dear Readers,

Normally I’m not one to pose for the camera, but a photo shoot at the farm with the floral design team from Local Color Flowers (affectionately called “Locoflo”) was WAY fun. The setting? Butterbee Farm. The reason? Locoflo is teaching two design classes at the farm. The first one, the Midsummer Head Wreath Class, is on July 26th. The second class is August 17, and is called Down on the Farm Summer Centerpiece Class.

Locoflo is really, really good at having fun while playing with flowers. There will be delicious snacks and drinks at the classes, not to mention that you’ll learn about arranging flowers from Locoflo designers, who, by the way, recently did this amazing project just for fun! They are so cool. *Sigh.

Sign up now by clicking the links above, and see the pretty pretty pictures from our photoshoot below!


I love head wreaths!


farming is fun

Two designers at Locoflo, Irene and Carling, using a wheelbarrow creatively. See, farming is fun!


Limeade with edible flowers– so refreshing


ellen w ladies

The owner of Locoflo, teaching design


you can make these centerpieces too!



yours truly


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