June Happenings

Dear Readers,

One by one, blooms are appearing! Just yesterday, we cut some neon-orange calendula and some blue bachelors buttons. I’m actually grateful for all of this rain, as we planted tons of amaranth seeds directly in the ground at the bottom of the field, and I won’t have to irrigate because they’re germinating now! Thanks, rain spirits. Now, if only the pesky weed spirits would hit the road.

Here’s the farm now:


There is never enough time to complete the farm to-do list. We’ve been:

  • Setting up a bucket washing station
  • Digging beds (still… but they’re almost done)
  • Planting celosia, marigold, sunflowers, cosmos
  • Mowing the grass around the farm
  • Weeding. Always more weeding
  • Giving tours. Thanks, friends and family, for coming out! Here’s the crew of Little Gunpowder Farm with bunches of Butterbee mustards after a farm tour:


Also, some of the stuff that’s blooming is new for me. Check out this cute little bunny tail!


And the color of this dianthus, even before it’s in full bloom, is completely stunning:


I’m excited about atriplex, which is an experiment but I hope will serve as good foliage in bouquets:


Flower School is this Saturday, CSA is next week, wish us luck everyone, and make sure you get your hands on some fresh chamomile for tea!

Laura Beth


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