Dear Readers,

It is a gloriously blue-sky-green-leafy Saturday! I spent the morning at the farm. I was grouchy when I got there (sometimes I resent working on weekends), but then my lovely friends showed up and helped me dig three whole beds! And we weeded the oregano! And the bunny tails! And picked some yarrow! I left the farm feeling grateful.  


Truth be told, the Butterbee Farm expansion has been grueling. I struggle to keep my stress in perspective (Will I have flowers in time for the CSA? When will I get the field planted completely? Can I keep the deer out? How will I ever check off my lengthy to-do list? Gaaaaaaaah…..) I try to be a cool cucumber because, well, what else can I do? A half acre is a lot of space, especially with no tiller…… it’s just me, my shovel, and some wonderful volunteers. It’s more than I realized, initially.

Or, I should say, it was just me at the farm. Due to excellent timing and a small miracle…… I am excited to introduce you to Butterbee Farm’s new co-farmer! Meet Jascha:


Jascha found farming right after he got his MFA in painting from MICA, and apparently I haven’t scared him off yet, because he is very, very excited to be officially part of the team. Here are just a few of the two-person jobs I simply could not have done without him:

  • Put a rototiller from Home Depot into a pickup truck
  • Put up a fence
  • Set up drip irrigation
  • Stay sane

Farming is, as Jascha says, a condensed, intense version of real life. Enormous decay (plants, insects, compost, even the sun going down in the evening) and painfully beautiful life (seedlings, baby birds, a good rain) are daily. I am often amazed by the course of my emotions in one day (other farmers can attest to this!), which can go from ecstatic that something germinated, to devastated when I see deer prints in the field, to exhausted in the heat of the afternoon, to loopy when it’s time to go home. For me, farming alone is not emotionally sustainable. Now that Butterbee has another farmer, we can put our minds together and handle situations together.

The field has gone from this:


To this:


And I am feeling confident that soon it will be like this:


Grow, flowers, grow! I wish you all many miraculous partners in your many pursuits, and a cup of yarrow tea.

Laura Beth


4 thoughts on “introducing……..

  1. “Ask and you will receive” comes to mind when I read your blog, Laura. Happy to know that you have a (handsome) co-farmer to share the load!

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