Rainy Day

Dear Readers,

A Rainy Day! Now I can catch up on all of my inside work. Accounting, emails, and blog!

Every week, the farm looks entirely different from the last. It’s amazing how quickly plants are growing, now that it’s warmer at nights. I was able to get a small harvest from my alliums (this variety is called Purple Sensation):

photo 3


You can see in the picture below that we are slowly but surely building raised beds down the length of the field. The beds give the field an organized kind of look, though if you wander in, you’ll see that I’m not the best at planting in straight lines! Everything is interplanted in small segments… that is, a small segment of dill is right next to some snapdragons, which is right next to safflower, and some zinnias. There are other plantings of the same varieties in other beds in the field. The few vegetables I’m growing are mixed in as well. I’m hoping that the complexity will confuse critters and pests, and make for a diverse soil biology!



I bought a lawn mower! Ben, pictured below, put it together and did the first mow– not an easy job, as he had to find a way to mow under the deer fence. He put the grass clippings on the compost.


Every Friday and Saturday, a few people come to the farm and help out. My housemate Laura is pictured below, digging away! It is a relief to have people at the farm, and see the changes from week to week through their eyes. The white cloth in front of Laura is called “remay.” It keeps crops protected from weather, pests, and cold. I put it on the lavender. I am hoping that it will speed up the growing process!


I wish you some fresh spearmint tea on this rainy day! Please remember that your questions and comments are welcome.

Laura Beth


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