it takes a village

Dear Readers,

There is much digging and planting to be done at Butterbee, and MY has everyone been helpful! I’ve had people from all kinds of backgrounds do some digging at the farm… a dancer, a nutritionist, an fruit tree farmer, a hair salon receptionist… and many more! I hope the smile below conveys my gratitude to all of you who have helped out, or have said something nice to me over the past several weeks, as I adjust to being responsible for a LOT of dirt.



Much of the work involves digging up clumps of sod (grass) and putting them in big piles to be removed.



I have some pretty awesome calluses on my hands from shoveling.



Amelia (a baker) and Jacob (a poet) helped me out this weekend; look at them go!



Kay (an artist) and I crouch by the ornamental onions; they have yellow in their tips. We can’t figure out why…. maybe frost stress?


But the kale looks great…


And so do the dianthus!


Today, I picked up some daffodil bulbs from Ellen (a florist). Tomorrow, I’m driving to North Creek Nurseries to pick up lots of fun things, like mountain mint and ferns and rudbeckia triloba! And I will be borrowing a bigger car from my dad (a small business owner) to fit all of the seedlings, and my mom (a psychiatric nurse) has some garden tools to gift me. Also, these lovely pictures were taken by Mary (a photojournalist).

It takes a village!!!

I wish you all a deep and satisfying rain!

Laura Beth


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