April Update

Dear Readers,

Oh my! I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while. April is flying along, with planting and seeding and digging and whatnot. Phew! Here’s a screenshot of just a part of the field so far, numbered by bed (click on it to enlarge)…


farm map

I am growing a wide variety of edibles, including lavender, mint, bachelors buttons, and mustards…. I am particularly excited about the Kent Beauty ornamental oregano in beds 8 and 9. Apparently it’s not great for eating but looks lovely in bouquets. Here’s picture of it, fully grown, from the great Google:

kent oregano google

So far, the biggest lesson I’m learning is that I truly need a place to grow seedlings, other than grow lights. The seedlings get “leggy” without real sun, and some are cold sensitive and get stunted when they aren’t warm enough. When my original hoophouse plan fell through in February as seen in this early post, my wonderful friends at Little Gunpowder Farm, who have a heated greenhouse, took in some seedlings for me; you can see how amazing they look……



In 2015, I will definitely need to find a way to grow seedlings in a heated space. But for now, it’s warming up outside, and I’m keeping most of my seedlings under the white cloth pictured above, called remay. Some of them, like dianthus, are happy under there; others, like asclepias, crave more heat than the remay can provide during cool spring nights.

Remember to spread the word about Flower School! It’s going to be awesome.

Wishing you a bouquet of tulips and a trip to Sherwood Gardens!

Laura Beth



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