Farm Olympics

Dear Readers,

Farm Olympics have begun!

The Farm Olympics competitors arrive at the farm, ready to compete with shovels and water bottles in hand. We gather at the edge of the field around our noble judge, Bliss (I’m not kidding, that’s his actual name), who explains the Olympian game:

Each team digs one 200 foot bed. They are judged in three categories: Speed Digging, Precision Digging, and Team Spirit. Prizes are given to the winners of each challenge, and to the one overall winning team. Surprise challenges will be added during the game.


Bliss lecturing the Olympian teams on the rules

I shout “Okay, go!” And the teams start shoveling! (The point of Farm Olympics, I should add, is not just for the game; the teams are helping me build raised beds by shoveling soil into mounds that will help the flowers stay dry when it rains a lot. Flowers need really good drainage, or they are susceptible to mold and rot.)
Team Notable Wiggle immediately scoots ahead, shoveling faster than I thought humanly possible. 

Ben is an aggressive shoveler

While Team Notable Wiggle scurries forward, Team Jark carefully makes a perfectly precise bed, quietly and steadily moving along.



Team Jark, standing in front of their beautifully made bed

Team Not Tired has some amazing team cheers and songs! 


Team Not Tired, dividing and conquering

And Team Boogie keeps getting distracted by earthworms that they want to take home as pets, but they are also excellent at team spirit. When Bliss throws in a challenge for teams to act like they’re on soap operas while digging, Team Boogie excels, acting out a drama while speaking in Spanish.



Team Boogie, closest to the camera, getting started on their bed

After a rigorous hour of digging, singing, yelling team cheers, and drumming on overturned buckets, exhausted Olympian teams are awarded prizes! Kombucha, salty snacks, and chocolate are given to the winners, and a gift certificate to Sweet 27 is awarded to the overall winner, Team Jark!


Olympian Teams doing a shovel swap

Thank you so much to competing teams. You have made an incredible contribution to Butterbee Farm and all of the sustainably grown flowers! May you all take a hot bath to soothe your aching muscles.

Wishing you all the sight of a cherry blossom!

Laura Beth


2 thoughts on “Farm Olympics

  1. What a great, positive and fun way to get the help you need. I wish I had thought of having farm Olympics this past Saturday. We got everything done but it wasn’t as much fun. I’ll be thinking of some contests for my next work day.

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