one month more

Dear Readers,

Happy New Year!

I discovered over the holidays that airports are excellent places to finish crop plans. Tah-dah….


I also discovered in the airport that I have only one month left before the actual farming work begins… I’m planting seeds, including snapdragons and Sweet William, in flats in a friend’s heated greenhouse starting the first week of February! Which is great, because although I do love this planning, thinking, idea-making phase, I am itching for some flowers to play with.

To be fair (to myself), farm work is happening already. Here’s what I did today: 

I read about the importance of earthworms in the soil. Did you know that “in an orchard, during the three months of autumn, earthworms can dispose of 90 percent of the fallen leaves, dissolving even tough material such as stems and roots”? Also, “one Wisconsin commercial raiser of earthworms even chose to feed his charges ice cream as a treat on Saturday nights.”…..



 Then I picked up a free wheelbarrow from a nice lady who posted it on my new favorite website, Freecycle:



I delivered the wheelbarrow and some other farm equipment to the farm, and stashed them in the shed. I also did a walk-around of the field, scattering human hair around the perimeter to send a message to the deer… this is certainly not the weirdest thing you’ll hear about me doing at the farm (there will be stories of manure, earthworms, and compost tea later this season). 

Then I used the last of the Indiegogo campaign money to buy my final major purchase for the CSA sharers: galvanized tin flower pails!



(And if this picture inspires you to buy a Butterbee Farm CSA share for your partner, your parents, yourself, etc., click here to sign up!)

I hope you all had beautiful New Year’s Eves, and as always, feel free to comment, ask questions, etc.!

Laura Beth   


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