hundreds of farmers in one room = great fun; AKA, more on what farmers do during the winter

Dear Readers,

First off, sign up for the Butterbee Farm 2014 CSA before December 20th, and get a complementary gift mailed to you or your gift recipient!



Now, to the topic of the day…

When I was playing music, I was lucky/crazy enough to attend the National Flute Convention. Lots of nerds + lots of shiny musical instruments = lots of chaos/fun and estrogen.

Now that farming’s my thing, I go to sustainable farming conferences. Just imagine it… hundreds of very energetic, extremely driven, politically liberal, usually outside people, all inside one very large building for several days straight… 

I am on the conference planning committee for the annual Future Harvest CASA Conference, so I am learning the intricacies of organizing the event. This year, the conference is at the Marriott at University of Maryland, January 17-18th. There will be different tracks to follow, like the Beginning Farmer track, or the Fruit and Vegetable Production track. There are farm tours the day before the conference, and because we’re farmers, the food is getting donated from local farms and grocery stores, and will be awesome. Also, the owner/founder of Dogfish Head beer is the keynote speaker!


Here are the workshops and session I’m most excited about going to:

Kombucha, Kimchee, and Kraut

Building a Mobile Poultry Pen

Accounting for Sunnyside Farm: Making it Work

Farm the Sun Every Day of the Year

Beginning and Experienced Farmer Panel

See more workshops/sessions here.

Another fun thing about farming conferences is that most of my farmer friends are there, so it’s also a big social event where everybody catches up on how the season went. But the conference is not just for farmers; homesteaders, DIYers, gardeners, and generally curious people are encouraged to attend. 

Happy, happy, happy holidays! I wish you all some winterberries!

Laura Beth


One thought on “hundreds of farmers in one room = great fun; AKA, more on what farmers do during the winter

  1. Hi Laura! I have a SCOBY for you when you are ready to start your Kombucha! I have 2 gallons brewing all the time and a new SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast) every 3 weeks. A Mennonite woman in Pennsylvania gave it to me and it’s been producing lots of offspring!

    Your projects sound exciting!

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