Butterbee Farm, LLC

Dear Readers,

It’s official! Butterbee Farm, LLC is legal! Check it out:


I went to the State Department of Assessments and Taxation this morning, 8th floor, and registered Butterbee Farm, LLC so that I can sign the lease for the new farm space in Pikesville. As I waited for them to hand me my forms, I had a minor life/flashing/before/my/eyes moment… is this real? Am I doing this? This is either brilliant or just hilarious, not sure at the moment which.

I was so excited afterwards that I went straight to the urban Butterbee and picked a celebratory bouquet.


happy lb


So now, I print the lease agreement, sign it, send it over to my new landlords, and that’s it! Let the crop planning begin…….


Laura Beth


6 thoughts on “Butterbee Farm, LLC

  1. Looks like things are going so well for you – many kudos and congratulations!

    Here are a couple of my last snapdragons, still lifting their heads to bloom a bit longer – it’s been such a warm fall!

    Best wishes for a restful season as you put the plants to bed for the winter!


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