the best news out of ALL the news

Dear Readers,

Guess what guess what guess what…

Butterbee Farm found a home!!!!!!!!

As many of you know, Butterbee Farm was started this year on several flower beds leased from Whitelock Community Farm in Reservoir Hill. The incredible demand for flowers in this amazing city of Baltimore led me to search for a more permanent space for Butterbee Farm, where I could build a hoophouse to extend the growing season, plant some of my favorite perennials, and just grow way more flowers.

After seeing a great many potential farm sites and talking to many generous landowners, I stumbled upon Butterbee’s home. I knew the second I saw it. It is a sunny .6 acres, sloped southwest (ideal for good drainage and catching the most sunlight), with delicious loamy soil, and a fire hydrant for irrigation, and it is simply beautiful. It is also in Pikesville, only 20 minutes’ drive from my house in Baltimore, which is absolutely nothing compared to the hour’s drive I was considering at some potential sites in Sparks.

Butterbee will continue to be one of the only organic flower farms in the mid-Atlantic. I hope also to continue growing flowers at Whitelock Community Farm, maintaining my ties in the city with the flower lovers here and also the city bees!

I have big plans to build a hoophouse, as I mentioned, and invest in some necessary tools that I have so far been borrowing, like hoes and shovels. A deer fence will have to go up, as deer pressure in that area is intense. In order to get Butterbee started, I will launch a Kickstarter campaign in early August to raise $11,000. I hope you will all help me to get the word out, so that the Butterbee Farm dream can live!

Thank you all so much for reading and supporting, and stay tuned for the Kickstarter!

I wish you all a big big big sunflower!

Laura Beth



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