Dear Readers,

This is a weird time in the season: the spring flowers are done, and the summer flowers aren’t quite here yet, so I’m left with a little extra time to reflect and wait for the flowers to grow (and weed, weed, weed, weed, weed).

Flower farming might seem like an ideal lifestyle, and honestly, it really is in many ways; but it has its downsides too (RAIN) (BUGS) (HEAT). It also has a funny side, actually a hilarious side, because in moments of intensity (which are many on the farm), some ridiculous things happen. Here’s a very abbreviated blooper reel.

1) Irene is in the bathroom with flowers


This picture happened because we were up until 1 am making bouquets, and the lighting is best in the bathroom for taking pictures. Irene put the vases on the toilet and took “toilet pictures,” which actually got a lot of attention on Facebook. Go figure.

2) The fancy gin bottle


So, our kitchen is overflowing with wine bottles right now. A friend came over and recently said in a shocked voice, “Laura Beth,” implying that I might be drinking too much. Not the case! My roommate Kay works at a restaurant, and brings back interesting wine bottles, and a very fancy gin bottle, for my flowers. I promise!

3) Ben is very excited


I asked my roommate Ben to look excited for this picture, though it is safe to say that he is always this goofy.

4) All of the undocumented moments of ridiculousness– like when I planted so many cosmos seeds that a bajillion cosmos baby plants came up, and I thought they were weeds and pulled half of them out.

Bloopers! The very best part.

Laura Beth


One thought on “Bloopers

  1. I love ‘Bloopers’!!! Funny, one of my favorite parts of the O’s game at Camden Yards are the blooper videos:) Keep making bloopers and share them with US, PLEASE!

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