happy solstice, from me and 30 bouquets!

Dear Readers,

Happy Solstice, everyone! In accordance with that time of year, this week has been crazy. The weeds are rampant, and certain summer bloomers are about to go gangbusters– I am looking at YOU, zinnias and sunflowers!


Here are 5 awesome things that happened at Butterbee Farm this week:

1) Emergency Delivery…Butterbee provided some last minute emergency spearmint to Local Color Flowers and it felt very heroic.

2) First Baby Flowers... the very first sunflower bloomed.

3) Meeting of Your Growers… I attended the summer Farm Alliance meeting, where the future of local food in Baltimore was discussed and where I soaked up the energy of the amazing growers who bring sustainably produced food to your table! I would tell you what we discussed, but I’d then have to kill you. I will say that the production of baby spinach was a topic, and there might have been some joking around about cabbages.

4) Official Butterbee Farm Help… Introducing Irene Donnelly, fellow flower enthusiast, amazing designer, and native Baltimorean. Irene and I have spent many an hour weeding, planting, and most recently, making bouquets for market til past midnight. Irene is a partner in crime at Butterbee; more often than not, I ask her advice. She is also tech savvy, thank goodness. And she bought overalls and wears them at the farm– always a plus. You can read more about Irene here.

5) A Bountiful Harvest… Last night, Farm Alliance coordinator Maya Kosok and I started harvesting at 6 pm. We finished at 9 pm, did a delivery to Local Color Flowers, ate delicious Sweet 27 for dinner, and Irene, Maya, and I made bouquets til 1 am. The result: an amazing 30 bouquets went out into the world today!


Special thanks to Abby Logsdon for her beautiful photoshoot at Butterbee, see here.


May you all notice a new flower this week!

Laura Beth


One thought on “happy solstice, from me and 30 bouquets!

  1. Love the bumblebeeeeee at Butterbee Farm!!! Here in Bethany Beach, Delaware
    there are some awesome hydrangeas everywhere:)

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