Flowers on Foot!

Dear Readers,

Butterbee Farm is in full swing, and buying local flowers just got easier… introducing Flowers on Foot, the super local and sustainable flower delivery service for Charles Village residents! Here’s how it works:

Ordering: Fill out the form here with your info, the delivery address, and the time you want your bouquet delivered. You can add a note to be included if the bouquet is a gift! You will get an email confirming the order. Deliveries are Mondays or Thursdays.

Delivery: Butterbee Farm manager Laura Beth will deliver your bouquet on foot! Your bouquet comes in a quart sized mason jar for you to keep.20130612-040941.jpg

Payment:  All bouquets are $14, mason jar, delivery, and note (if applicable) included. If the bouquet is delivered to your door, you can pay upon delivery. If it is going to a different address as a gift, you can drop off or mail payment to Laura Beth at 3127 Guilford Ave, 21218.

Visit or click here to order. 

For now, this service is available only to Charles Village residents (sorry, mom!).

Laura Beth


One thought on “Flowers on Foot!

  1. HAHA…how did you know that I was ready to sign up the whole neighborhood of Tanager Forest in MIllersville?? You know me so well….:)

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