perks of the job

Dear Readers,

Every week, I bring a bouquet to Carma’s Cafe. I usually go on foot, as Carma’s is a couple of blocks from my house- I bring just my keys and a mason jar filled with flowers that flutter and bounce with each step.


I place the new bouquet on top of the cookie display, and throw out the old, wilting flowers from the last bouquet. The baristas and cooks always give special attention to the flowers– I feel like they really appreciate what it took to grow them in a way that most people don’t.


Yesterday, I brought a bouquet in as usual. A couple was just leaving; they exclaimed over the flowers, and asked where I had gotten them. I explained that I grew the flowers, that it was my first year in business, and that they could buy bouquets just like this one at the Waverly farmer’s market. They promised to check the market out, and left.


the Waverly market– the Farm Alliance stand

A minute later, one of them rushed back in. “That was my girlfriend, and she really loved the flowers, and when she talks so much about flowers, I know she’d like them!” He said. “Can I buy that bouquet?” We quickly made our transaction before she could come back and see what he was up to. He ran back outside with the bouquet in hand. I poked my head out the door just in time to see him surprise her with the flowers.

In the midst of some stressful restaurant sales, harvesting flowers in pouring rain, making sure I have enough flowers for my CSA and market and florist, and trying to make my rent, it feels just absolutely amazing to watch someone give my flowers to their partner, and to feel the gratitude of the Carma’s crew every time I bring in a bouquet, and to see how flowers really do make people happy.


my housemate Ben at Butterbee Farm

Special and loving thanks to the crew at Carma’s, my housemates, and that couple who enjoyed the bouquet yesterday.

Laura Beth


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