spring, and adventures at five seeds farm

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the plot at 5 seeds farm

Spring means shoveling lots of dirt around to make raised beds, which are essentially long mounds of dirt with walkways in between; the water drains easily from the raised beds into the walkways, keeping the flowers from getting too damp.

Spring also means that there are a TON of seedlings in my apartment, growing, growing, growing…


Here’s some exciting news: Butterbee Farm is now growing on part of Denzel Mitchell’s urban space in the Belair-Edison neighborhood. Denzel’s farm is called Five Seeds Farm(named for his five children) and sells all kinds of delicious vegetables and even some fruits!Much of his produce goes to Woodberry Kitchen and other restaurants in Baltimore, and he has a CSA pick-up at Artifact Coffee. He wason the Kojo Nnamde show the other day, too! See here! And see his website hereImage

The Five Seeds plot in Belair-Edison is really big and beautiful and sunny. Part of it is littered with trash that has collected during the off-season, and I’ll spend a good amount of time picking it all up. But here’s a heartening story that makes me feel better about urban farming in general, despite the litter:

I was building raised beds at the Five Seeds plot yesterday, and a kid on a skateboard came up to the edge of the farm. He politely asked if he could step onto the farm and talk to me. He wanted to know: where could he learn about keeping bees in Baltimore? He was studying biology in high school, he explained, and wanted to start a project of his own.  I told him to get involved at Real Food Farm, which hosts lots of free workshops and volunteer days. The kid said that was exactly what he was looking for, thanked me, and skated off. It made me happy that he might feel like his bee-keeping dreams are possible!


Laura Beth



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