Farm Dreams

Dear Readers,

Here’s the bad news: that beautiful acre in Reservoir Hill that was going to be my farm next year is being sold for development.

The good news: this information, although a bit soul-crushing at first, gives me the opportunity to think about what I really, really, really want… what are my farm dreams? Turns out that I have about a hundred farm dreams, but they all have five things in common:

1) At least two acres

2) Access to water

3) Full sun

4) Room for community events

5) Within an hour’s drive to Baltimore

If you, or anyone you know, has land, or is interested in owning a farm and would like to see some flowers grown on it, please contact me right away! With a little luck, Butterbee Farm will have a home next season.

Laura Beth


3 thoughts on “Farm Dreams

  1. Years down the road you will sit on your porch looking out at your beautiful land and understand why. Best wishes as you travel the sides roads to your dream farm.

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