Quick Update: March Madness

Dear Readers,

March is a big deal for Butterbee Farm!

Calendula, salvia, statice, snapdragon, and ammi are flourishing under my grow lights. I’ll soon seed celosia, ageratum, and marigold under lights; bachelor’s button, calendula, and sweet pea will be seeded directly in the ground throughout the month.

I’m doing a lot of bed preparation right now; hacking away at weeds, moving bulbs to different spots. I’m starting to feel at home at Whitelock Community Farm, which is where my two main flower plots are (I’m calling them Farm A; I also have 2 plots in a community garden, Farm B, and a small plot on a friend’s garden in Baltimore County, Farm C). The plots border the sidewalk, and I’m often kneeling in the soil right next to passers-by, who are always friendly and sometimes curious for information about the farm.

Compost will be spread on the flower beds as soon as I can get it delivered; keep your ears posted for a help-me-spread-compost-all-over-the-place work party! The compost is particularly necessary on the southern facing bed, which was recently run into by a car. Not kidding. That poor bed needs some love.

Farming! I couldn’t sleep the other night because I was so excited that in the morning, all I had on my schedule was this: “Farm A.”It feels almost illicit for my work to be my own project. How surprising, delightful, and satisfying…








Shoot me an email at butterbeefarm@gmail.com if you’d like to help spread compost on a Tuesday or Thursday!

Laura Beth



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