Oh, Baltimore

Dear Readers,

Baltimore is an amazing city, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. There is more to Baltimoreans than crab cakes, the Ravens, and The Wire (though some would argue, what else do you need in life?).

This week, Butterbee Farm received an enormous, surprising, enveloping hug from Baltimore City. This is what happened:

1) People are signing up for farm shares! I might have cried a little when the first application arrived in the mail. Just a little.

2) Jean Cannon designed a beautiful logo to represent Butterbee Farm. She sat with me for hours, showed me so many fonts that I lost the ability to read (temporarily), drew endless antennae and Butterbee’s, and made sure that the logo exceeded my unrealistic expectations. All of this in the space of three weeks. She is not only talented and inspired, she is also devoted and has the unique ability to see clearly, even after many nights of staring at endless Butterbee Farm logos. Check it out:


Thanks also to Matt Fouse, whose genius and wisdom made the final touches possible.

3) This happened several weeks ago actually, but it deserves recognition: the wonderful people at Carma’s Cafe carmasare supporting Butterbee Farm by allowing me incredible flexibility in my work schedule, so that I can do what’s necessary for the farm without losing the hours at the cafe. They also provide me with endless mugs of low-acid coffee and the best granola I’ve ever had.

4) I was welcomed as a member into the Farm Alliance! Butterbee Farm will soon be added to the growing list of urban farms in Baltimore City. I am honored to join them in this effort to develop the sustainable community in our city. Joining the Farm Alliance means access to farm implements that I otherwise can’t afford, support and information about policy and farming in Baltimore,farm alliance the opportunity to sell flowers at the Waverly Market through the Farm Alliance’s very own stand, and most importantly: farm friends!

The more I get to know the urban farmers here, the more incredulous I feel that I made the lucky and somewhat random decision to move back to Baltimore. Special thanks to Maya at the Farm Alliance, Ellen at Local Color, and Elisa at Whitelock Community Farm, for making the Butterbee dream possible.

Okay, I will stop fawning over everybody now. Next post, I’ll talk about actual farming. I promise.

Laura Beth


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