2013 Flower and Vegetable Shares!

Dear Readers,

One bright Saturday in July, after your coffee and scone and newspaper, you put on your most summery shorts and softest T shirt, and head out the door with your keys, driver’s license, and a tote bag. You hop on your bike, or your car, or you set out on foot… you are going to Reservoir Hill! And it’s a beautiful day.


You arrive at Whitelock Community Farm, perhaps after a stroll through Druid Hill Park across the street. You are greeted by Elisa and Laura Beth, who you know because you perform this ritual every week.


Perhaps you pick up your Veggie Share, which includes a bounty of organically grown vegetables. Maybe this week, you get a bunch of vivid orange carrots, dark red beets, some spring onions, juicy tomatoes, and sweet and hot peppers.


Or maybe you opted for a Flower Share this year, and you choose the bouquet that calls to you– this one is bursting with cinnamon basil, pink and purple salvia, and bright yellow zinnias.




Or maybe you got BOTH shares, and you have the pleasure of traveling home with both food and flowers in your tote bag! You arrive home to your honey/roommate/cat with the very essence of summer in your hands.

Vegetable Shares from Whitelock Community Farm run for a whopping 20 weeks for only $350! Click here to read more about it, and to fill out an application.

You can choose a 4 week ($24), 8 week ($48), or 12 ($72) week bouquet share from Butterbee Farm. Click here to read more about it, and fill out the application.

Whether you sign up for one share or both, we at Whitelock Community Farm and Butterbee Farm would love to have you! Shares are open to all Baltimore City and County residents. Experience the first taste of summer by signing up NOW, before our shares are full!

Laura Beth


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