a room of one’s own

Dear Readers,

I’m sorry for the long silence! Let me explain.

Virginia Woolf wrote a beautiful book called A Room of One’s Own that is about women being creative, feminism, literature, and many other things. One outstanding concept from her book is that women (and I would say, people in general) must have safe, unique space that they can enter when they want to create.

To me, that space can be a practice room, or the soft underbelly of my blankets as I’m falling asleep, or a quiet wooded trail in the early morning, or the West Virginia cabin that my family spent holidays in. In the autumn months since I have moved to Baltimore, I have been searching for a room of my own in another sense… a small piece of land.

How does a young 20-something go about finding land in Baltimore City? To my surprise when I moved back here, there is an amazing support system of farmers in the city. There is CASA, the Chesapeake Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture. There is the Beginning Farmer Training Program, for people who are ready to start their own small farm business. Check out the Farm Alliance, a coalition of urban Baltimore farms, not to mention a wealth of farmers markets in the city! Also, the city has an Adopt a Lot program, where you an adopt a vacant lot, and turn it into a community farm.

So, I’ve been contacting everybody who works for these wonderful organizations, and with their help, I’m considering some options for growing on my own next year. The minute I know what I’m up to, I will post! The silence is a reflection of the waiting and searching period that I’m in. I’m sure I’ll find a room of my own one day soon, where I can grow all kinds of things and let my imagination run free! In the meantime, I’m working in local foodie restaurants, and experiencing that side of the sustainable food movement (more on that soon).

Thanks to Lou, who reminded me that I don’t have to be perfect to post on my blog.

I hope you all get the chance to stick a sweet potato in the oven this week!

Laura Beth


3 thoughts on “a room of one’s own

  1. Huzzah! : ) Hey, don’t forget Baltimore Free Farm (www.baltimorefreefarm.org). They do music there too! : )
    PS – The sweet potato was delicious! Had to share it with Wonder, tho. ; )

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