salsa party

Dear Readers,

Tomatoes and peppers were coming out of our ears all week. Naturally, a salsa canning party was in order!

We chopped white onions, red onions, garlic, peppers, cilantro, and tomatoes. The hot peppers had to be chopped with gloves, and next to a lit candle– the smoke helps to dispel the spiciness that gets caught in the throat when inhaled.


Rachel, our vegetable manager, brought the biggest pot EVER to mix salsa in. We wanted to make three batches: one with vinegar, one with lemon juice, and one without cilantro for those who don’t like its strong flavor. After everyone had chopped and diced for a couple of hours, Melissa, Rachel, and Wahi put the right amounts of each ingredient into our salsa mixes, sanitized the jars in the dishwasher, and sealed the salsa-filled jars in boiling water.

During the salsa operation, Claudia and Karen canned hot sauce– their first canning project ever! It was the perfect combination of tomato flavor and spicy goodness.


Thank you, summer!

Laura Beth


2 thoughts on “salsa party

  1. Wow!!! So coolll….. Any simple canning instructions/tips for those of us who are new to canning? Can we have a canning party at your Maryland house??

  2. tips: you don’t even need a canner to can! a canner is just a really big pot with a shelf for a tray that stops jars from knocking around in the hot water. you can just fill a big pot with water, put the jars in socks, and can away!

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