sunny window + yogurt = vegetables

Dear Readers,

Confession: in college, I (accidentally) killed every house plant I bought. (That adds up to a lot of plants.)

How is that possible? You might think I have a green thumb, or that I cared more about plants than I did about watching Arrested Development, which caused me to forget about watering my resident potted plant for the millionth time. I did actually care more about plants than about George Michael. But I chronically forgot to water my indoor plants for one crucial reason: I experienced more magic in growing food than I did in growing flowers. Which got me thinking. Why didn’t I grow food in my dorm windowsill? And, now to the topic of this post: container gardens.

So you want to grow food, but you don’t have a garden. All you need is a sunny window. (If you want to get fancy, you don’t even need that– there are lots of indoor gardening gadgets like lights and heating pads.)

Step 1: Buy a gallon of yogurt. And eat the yogurt.

Step 2: Wash the yogurt container; poke holes in the bottom. (Optional: decorate with stickers and permanent marker doodles)

Step 3: Fill the yogurt container almost to the top with organic soil– you can buy a small bag at any gardening store. Put the container on a sunny windowsill on top of a plate.

Step 4: Buy a seed packet of your choice vegetable. Pick something that doesn’t get too big– no summer squash, for example, though you could do that in a bigger container. Try a lettuce, or spring onions. Plant a seed in the container, and water it right away.

Step 5: Water it at the same time every day. You are less likely to forget if it becomes a part of your routine.

Step 6: Patience!

Step 7: Spice up your salad with spring onions from your windowsill, or slip a piece of your yogurt container lettuce onto your daily sandwich. Eat lots more yogurt, and when your windowsill gets crowded with containers of different veggies, start hanging them from the ceiling!

This post is dedicated to Anna, who now lives in Manhattan and doesn’t have a garden, but does have a sunny window.

Laura Beth


6 thoughts on “sunny window + yogurt = vegetables

  1. Charming, as always. : ) I was never successful in growing lettuce outside, ‘cuz the critters always got it. Even with chicken wire to keep it from critters, it would get so much dirt thru it that it was too labor intensive to bother with. Inside, without rain splattering & all the other elements, that would be almost nullified. And, I ADORE kale! … I’m gettin’ me some yogurt! : ) Thanks, Laura! : )

  2. Confession: we kill houseplants, too! (you may have noticed there are none here to be found). Containers are good, though, especially hand-decorated ones! Sunny windowsills and wee-tiny little patios can provide a lot of food…provided you remember to water! 🙂

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