on the edge

Dear Readers,

Our winter CSA ended weeks ago, and our summer CSA starts TOMORROW (!!!). We haven’t had any veggies to harvest for several weeks now. I’ve been getting produce from the Amish stand up the road. This upcoming week is extremely exciting– we’ll get to taste our efforts in the form of lettuce, chard, garlic scapes, broccoli, onions, and other yummy spring veggies. But it’s an important week for another reason…

Here’s the trajectory of the veggie farming season, with the line representing the amount of craziness/food production:

So as you can see, life is about to get insane. Everything is on the verge… I saw an enormous, unripe tomato in the greenhouse yesterday, the peas are big kids about to be grown-ups, some of the broccoli has already gone past the point of harvest, the chard looks heavy and lush, and the lettuce is perfectly plump.

The orchard is a different story. Imagine the graph above, but push everything a month later. The busy fruit season peaks August/September. It starts earlier than you’d think though, in late June/early July. The other day, Ike handed me a baby apple. My first North Star fruit of the season… it was delicious, tart in its infancy, but fresh and flowery. We’ll get our first apples in July!

I’m antsy for things to get going. I love the adrenaline of the harvest season– always something to pick, to weed, to prune. Soon now…

Laura Beth


2 thoughts on “on the edge

  1. Hey Laura Beth! Our share starts this week too! We’re distributing lettuce, spinach, bok choy, radishes and scallions. ALSO first beet harvest this week for restaurants AND napa cabbage!!!! Our jobs=love


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