GMO Part 4: Final Thoughts, and a segue into the FARMING SEASON!

Dear Readers,

I was all ready to tout the potential world-hunger-saving abilities of GM food in this post… and then I did some more research and changed my mind.

This article does an excellent summary of what I found reverberating throughout news articles on GMOs and hunger. Please read, it does a much better job than I could of outlining the problems that arise from trusting the business of genetic modification with a human rights initiative….. which can be described with the words “imperialist,” “reckless,” and “environmentally unsafe.”

I believe that with lots of research and testing,  and with the power taken out of major corporations’ hands and put into those of democratic governments, GM food might be a valuable resource. For now, GM food increasingly controls and confines farmers and consumers in the States. It is appallingly unregulated by our government. Further, the success of most GM crops comes only with the heavy use of toxic chemicals.

Please feel free to comment or ask questions about GMOs in the future. However, on to a brighter subject…….

I will begin work at North Star Orchard in a couple of weeks! I’ll be living in a big old farm house with some of the other workers, who are all about my age. The farm has a small veggie CSA and a very very very big fruit CSA, and serves the Southeastern PA area around West Chester and Philadelphia.

Starting April 1st, I’ll be sure to update you weekly on the goings-on of the farm, pictures and everything. The goal: to share one humble farmer’s perspective on the sustainable food movement. I hope you will use me as a resource for any questions on farming and food!

And to kick off the 2012 farming season, here’s my favorite recipe for salad dressing:

Mix vigorously together:

1 tbsp flax oil

1/2 tbsp lemon juice

1 tbsp tamari sauce

1 tbsp water

a pinch of garlic powder

Pour on a huge salad with lettuce, shredded carrots, beets, and radish!

Happy Spring!!!!!!!!!!!

Laura Beth


2 thoughts on “GMO Part 4: Final Thoughts, and a segue into the FARMING SEASON!

  1. Thanks for posting the recipe Laura. Have a fun time at the Orchard. I’m sure it will be hard work, but know that you’ll be learning SO much. I look forward to you posting some great fruit recipes. Blessings, Love and Light being beamed your way.

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