the elements

Dear Readers,

I hope you are all warm and dry, and enjoying this fantastic sunny weekend!

Some friends have asked me: what can you do on a farm in the pouring rain? That’s a great question, as the fields become sopping wet, and it’s difficult to see through the curtain of rain, or even walk in so much mud. Our clothes are constantly wet and cold, and our waterproof pants prove completely unworthy.

The answer to that question: we go about our business as usual. We harvested for restaurants, our CSA, and our farm stand in the pouring rain; and we cut and brought in the winter squash to cure when it was drizzling. We even picked raspberries for the restaurant harvest while it was raining– a dangerous practice, as the raspberries are more susceptible to mold when wet. We set up a tent, and ran half-gallon containers of raspberries under cover to keep them out of the rain. All of my sweaters got used (and drenched) this past week; and I found out that 2 pairs of work pants is NOT enough. Our morale took a beating, for sure. Thank goodness I work with such a supportive, positive crew (thanks, guys!).

So: no job is perfect. All jobs suck sometimes. And how cool is it that, after 3 days of stormy weather, I witnessed the clearing of the clouds, and the sunshine illuminating the roof of the greenhouse? I’ve never been so connected to the weather and the seasons as I am now.

My simple, warming recipe for winter squash: cut any squash into chunks. Lightly coat with olive oil, fresh chopped sage and thyme, and a little salt. Bake on 400 for 45 minutes, or until tender. Meanwhile, spread squash seeds on tin foil, shake salt, garlic powder, and chopped sage over them, and put in the oven as well, until light brown and crispy!



5 thoughts on “the elements

  1. Dear Laura Beth,

    We were the recipients of some of those vegetables from your mom’s (and dad’s) refrigerator in Maryland last night. She made a delicious stock pot of stomach (and heart) warming soup of homemade broth ,organic chicken and the most amazing vegetables she could get her hands on.

    Like mother,like daughter……………both awesome cooks !

    I am going to try your squash recipe (simple,so I’m optimistic I can do it!) today. Perfect for a fall Sunday .

    Vicki and Charlie

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