Dear Readers,

Every morning, we break into two groups. Four of us do the major harvest for the CSA or restaurants, while two of us do a small harvest for the farm stand we have at our main entrance.

On Thursday, Matt and I were doing the farm stand harvest. We decided to grab the paltry amount of winter squash (just barely in season) that a restaurant had ordered, so that the rest of the crew could focus on the bigger orders. Which meant….. we went to Alaska!

By Alaska, I mean a random field off to the side of our main farm land. The grassy road to Alaska is almost impossible to find unless you know exactly where it is, it’s so covered by trees and brush. We planted all of our winter squash in Alaska in May, and I hadn’t been there since! You can only imagine my excitement as we bounced in The Bing (our gray manual pickup truck) over the mysterious pathway to Alaska.

The treeline revealed a sea of winter squash! We wandered through the grotesquely beautiful fruit, looking for Red Kuri ( Matt pointed out the different kinds as I marveled at the multitude. See below, courtesy of Google images, some of the kinds of winter squash that we grow (I don’t remember them all! We also grow around 10 varieties of pumpkins, not pictured here):


red kuri




blue hubbard

More info on how to cook these once I try it!

In other news, WOW did we have some seriously good potato salad the other day. Make your own mayonnaise by slowly adding oil to egg whites, and some lemon juice, salt, and pepper. This is best done either by hand (but add the oil drop by drop), or in a blender/food processor. Then cut beets, white potatoes, and red potatoes; cook until just soft.  Refrigerate. When cool, add mayonnaise, diced red onion, grated carrot, paprika, salt, and pepper. YUMMMMMMMMMYUMYUMYUMYUMMMMMMMMM

Happy September!


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