harvest in the rain

Dear Readers,

It is incredibly dreary here in Massachusetts. It has been misting and raining and generally oppressive for days now, and tomorrow is supposed to be more of the same– not good for our farmer’s market. You’d be surprised at how much more we sell when it’s nice out. People are sincerely affected by weather, us included. We’re all tired and a bit grouchy.

Still, I had a great day the farm. On Fridays, we harvest all day long, and store the vegetables in our box truck overnight (though we don’t turn the cooler on, it still keeps the veggies protected). We always stay at least a half hour extra on Fridays because it’s really impossible to get everything picked and washed and stored in a normal work-day of about 9 hours.

So at 7 am, we suited up in our rain gear, and headed out into the dewy fields to cut two varieties of arugula, mustard greens, and lettuce, and bunch hakurei turnips, shunkyo radishes, two varieties of beets, scallions, leeks, spring onions, and carrots (for the first time this season!!!). I spent most of the morning after helping with the harvest in the wash station, playing word games with Abby while scrambling to wash hundreds of vegetables and thousands of green leaves.

These days, we all get a constant kick out of the Mass Audubon summer camp run at the farm. We rarely interact with the campers or counselors, but we sometimes see (and hear) them wandering about the main Audubon area in gaggles, singing camp songs (today, one of the many groups sang “This is the Song that Never Ends” at the tops of their lungs). Also, all of the groups have truly ridiculous names. For example, on the walky-talky we always have with us in the field, someone at the front office said: “Has anyone seen the Funky Chickens?” Needless to say, much laughter ensued. Thank goodness for those silly campers– we need something to laugh about in the cold and wet.

I hope that all of your feet are warm and toasty.



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