farmer’s market

Scallions, Beets, Hakurei turnips, Shunkyo radishes, Rainbow chard

Basil plants, Cilantro, Sunflowers:

We went to a thrift store the night before the market and got crazy purple clothing to wear to the market. Why purple? Because we felt like it. This is Abby, in a fabulous purple leotard, getting veggies from our box truck:

This is Emily, another farming apprentice and one of my awesome roommates. She’s holding a basket of nasturtium flowers. Did you know they’re edible?…

This is my crazy purple dress. Those are basil plants and sunflowers again:

We sold an epic amount of strawberries and many many vegetables! It rocked.



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One thought on “farmer’s market

  1. Laura,
    This is Christi’s mom, Mary Ellen, friend of Babs.
    I remember eating nasturtiums when I was a kid. They taste very peppery & slightly bitter. (pretty in a salad). Squash blossoms dipped in a loose batter & sautéed in oil with a little butter are marvelous also. I have not thought of either in years! I am enjoying your blog very much! I too will try the beet risotto. Thank you for the carrot top ideas. I always felt awful when discarding them. I have put them in broth but did not care for the flavor. It seemed too intense. Any ideas would be great!

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