home at the farm

Dear Readers,

As this is still the middle of a long and challenging week, I feel that instead of writing “I love farm work,” I will instead write “why did I do this again?” Which would give you entirely the wrong impression, as lightning over the blue-green fields or a bite into a sweet, juicy hakurei turnip straight from the ground always immediately reminds me that everything wonderful in life is also hard. Question of the week: are things beautiful because they are hard, or hard because they are beautiful?

Anyway. I will focus instead of farm life on cabin life. This is where I live:

This is the pond, visible through the trees:

Every day after work, Signe, Emily, and I pile into a car and drive ourselves home to the cabin. We pretty much immediately cook dinner with our fresh veggies. Showering is definitely not the priority, though it should be! Here’s our gorgeous dinner from last night, made with fresh lettuce, radishes, and scallions that we picked that morning:

The glasses are filled with iced tea and lemon. Perfection. We sat around our table and talked and laughed as the storm raged against our feeble window screens and thunder rolled around us, and a remarkably loud frog issued a sound that made us theorize that there was a cow in the pond.

After baking cookies, cleaning the kitchen, and cooking up some vegetables because if we didn’t, we wouldn’t be able to fit all of the farm veggies in our fridge (erm, never harvest when you’re hungry), we fell into bed around 9:30. And up again at 6 am for a new day.

There will be a much longer post this weekend. Love to you all!


Laura-whose-biceps-have-grown-like-an-inch-in-this-week-alone… yesssss!


One thought on “home at the farm

  1. Never thought about harvesting in the same context as shopping – best not to do THAT when you’re hungry either. : )

    Oooooh! Nice biceps!

    Sounds like a restful, joyful evening, well-earned.

    Nice to experience your experience through you. Keep up the good work. : )

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