Dear Friends and Family,

Thank you infinitely for all of your support. You are the inspiration behind every one of my adventures.
I am keeping this blog because I want to let you in on life at a farm. I’m hoping that you will share the realities of farm life with me, and maybe you’ll be inspired to start your own garden, or join a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) for your own fresh vegetables, or have a family pick-your-own outing at a farm nearby. Also, I will have only once-a-week access to my email, so this is a way of keeping in touch without spending too much time at a computer. Please post comments or email me your responses! I’m a homebody, and I want to stay in touch as much as possible.
Email me at if you’d like to be put on a list that automatically sends you an email when I publish a new post, which will be about once a week at most.
Small-scale organic farming is important to me for a number of reasons. 1: it is economic activism. Enormous farming corporations dominate the marketplace, pushing hundreds of small farms out of business each year. 2: it is environmental activism. Most monopolizing farm corporations use massive amounts of pesticides and GMO’s (genetically modified organisms, such as genetically modified seeds) that are detrimental to the environment and to health. 3: I believe that vegetables from small organic farms taste a million times better than vegetables from Whole Foods; and (maybe it’s the Jewish mother in me!) I want to feed everyone around me with the best food there is. And 4: ever since I went to an outdoorsy music camp in Vermont, I’ve had dreams of being in a community of people again who are connected to the earth.
Please visit! The farm is located literally in the middle of the public wildlife reserve. There are families, schools, and camps hanging out there all the time. Plus, you can take the commuter rail straight from Porter Square in Cambridge!
See you soon!
With love,

4 thoughts on “Farmtastic

  1. I am looking so forward to learning about farming, recipes, ideas, and just simply being a voyeur. I wanna do it 2:):)

  2. I love reading about your adventures Laura. Sounds like you are in a picturesque setting and despite the hard work are loving it. Thank you for the recipes. I want to try some of them. Please include me in future posts. Your mom forwarded this on to me.

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